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JN-DYHX-2l/3L Double/Three Channel High Speed Log Saw

Product serial number
Product description
single channel high speed log saw
technical parameters
Machine parameters
Capacity:0-130cuts/min;  2 products/cut
Cutting size: Changeable; servo motor to control , tolerance:±2mm
Cutting size:  L=100-210 mm; Max. diameter: 125 mm
Feeding drive control: Servo motor driving
Sharpening :Pneumatic grinding, the time can be programmed through the panel
Round blade outer diameter: 610mm
Parameter setting: Touch screen
program control: PLC
Total power: AC 380V  50HZ 11.5KW
       Spare parts
Ø Grinding wheel: 1 pairs
Ø Professional tool: 1 set
Ø Instruction manual: 1 set
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