• Name: JN-CJ-2L-2P-I Napkin Folding Machine

Napkin folding machine is for making napkin paper. As people's living standard is improving day by day, the demand for napkin paper is increasing. We adopt the exquisite technology, develop machines with easy operation, stable performance and high efficiency. Our machines have won high praise new and old customers . Our products mainly cover middle and high-end market, selling well to Europe, America and Southeast Asia.

Machine features:
1.Easy operation, stable performance, high production capacity;
2.Save space;
3.Speed: 160—250m/min( Speed of printing differs from that of non-printing);
4.Fold type: 1/4, 1/6, 1/8 fold
5.Printing: Flexographic printing unit, open ink tank printing unit or sealed doctor blade for printing(Optional);
6.Embossing: Clear embossing pattern.


Technical Parameters:


Single deck

double deck

Raw Paper Width (mm)

190—800mm  (Please specify your size)

Raw paper Core Dia

Φ76mm  (Please specify your size)

Raw Paper Dia.



Fold Type

1/4  1/6  1/8 fold

Finished Product Size

190—400mm (Other size, please specify.)

Design Speed


Production Speed

160—220m/min (production speed differs with printing unit or without .)


AC380V 50HZ

Air Supply


Options(To order)

Printing Unit

Flexographic printing unit, open ink tank printing unit or sealed doctor blade for printing (please specify.)

Calender Unit

Steel to steel, steel to rubber

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