• Name: JN-DYHX-1L/2L Single/Double Channel High Speed Log Saw

High speed log saw is designed specially to solve the problems of non straight cutting section and to reduce the high labor cost. The machine adopts a system of intelligent control, servo operation, and our technical team has been working hard to develop and improve the machine, the performance has reached international advanced level. This production line covers high-end market of domestic market and is exported to Europe and Southeast Asia and other markets, has won the praise of the new and regular customers.

Machine Features:
1.The machine is connected directly to packaging machine , which can reduce labor cost and improve production efficiency;
2.Flatter and more beautiful cutting section of finished products;
3.Double channel high speed log saw is able to cut tissue papers with different lengths and heights simultaneously;
4.PLC control, servo motor drive, touch- screen operation, product specifications adjustable ;
5.Able to cut both facial tissues and paper rolls without embossing as well;
6.Downtime, security door control, safe cover.


Technical Parameter

Machine Model

JN-DYHX-1L/2L Single/Double Channel High Speed Log Saw

Applicable Raw Material

Facial tissue, coreless (cored) paper roller without embossing

Applicable Raw Material

Facial tissue




Coreless (cored) paper roller without embossing

Length:  Unlimited

Diameter: Φ120mm

Cutting Precision

Facial tissue

The first and last cutting ≤ 2 mm

In between within≤0.5mm

Coreless paper roller without embossing

Self setting of paper roll ends,

In between 0.5mm

Control System

PLC control

Servo motor drive

Touch- screen operation

Sharpening System

Automatic blade sharpening, sharpening interval and sharpening time adjustable

Round Blade Diameter



Round Blade Up & Down Movement

Hand wheel to adjust

Required Air Pressure

0.5MpaPrepared by the user

Dust Removal Device

Fixed blankets dust box

Production Speed



AC380V 50Hz

AC380V 50Hz

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